Fringe Festival

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Can the sun clean our water? Why is oxygen so important to us? How do stories help us make sense of our lives?  

These are just some of the questions that will be explored in our fringe festival which will leave you pondering and thinking about your world in a whole new way. (Suitable for ages 12+)

Live virtual events

Streamed live, these are virtual events which you will need to sign up to attend. Some have limited capacity so make sure you sign up in advance to bag yourself a space.

Saturday 24th October 2020

herbs, spices, peppers and a cookery book

Cook Like a Roman Poet!

11:30am   Ages 18+
Have you wondered what the ancient Romans did with their food? If so join us as we examine recipes from the Roman poet Horace and examine what they tell us about Latin literature as well as Roman life.

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photo of a house

Using video chat to develop the family story

1:00pm   Ages 12+   Max capacity 15
Sharing family stories helps us make sense of where we have come from and where we may be going in life. Find out how sharing stories digitally can build empathic relationships between people of different ages.

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Lump fish

Visit the Aquarium Lab

1:30pm   Ages 16+
Learn about fish, their microbiome (the genetic material of all the microbes that live on and inside the bodies of fish) and reproduction with our team of pioneering aquatic scientists.

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illustration of world on water horizon

Transforming Space: Climate Change, Terraforming and Science Fiction

3:00pm   Ages 16+
Join the award-winning Science Fiction Scholar Dr Chris Pak as he discusses his research into terraforming and examines how science fiction can help us think about climate change and environments.

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black and white old image of two girls

The dreams of Freudian feminist hero 'Dora'

7:00pm   Ages 16+
Be part of a worldwide online event where we will explore a famous dream and its relationship to the dreamer's turbulent family life and society in Vienna in 1900.

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Sunday 25th October 2020

a lightbulb in soil next to a seedling plant

How can we use renewable energies in everyday life?

10:30am   Ages 7+   Max capacity 10
Examine how different energy sources supply electricity and explore how renewable resources can meet energy demands.

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The word brand with lightbulb

The Science of Branding

12:00pm   Ages 12+
In this interactive session, Dr Sian Rees will draw on her research to examine the nature of brands and explore how they are, from a scientific perspective, physically and psychologically constructed. 

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purple fluid being poured into beaker

Chemistry Experiments Online: The Magic of Oxygen

12:30pm   Ages 16+
What are atoms and molecules? Why is oxygen so important to us? How can you make fire from water?

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World showing different energy sources

How can a solar catalyst save our water sources?

2:00pm   Ages 16+
In Wales we seem to have abundance of water, but due to several factors one-in-five of our rivers is polluted. So, find out how our Sun can be utilised to treat water in a green and sustainable way.

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Black and white image of woman looking down microscope

What did Wales Ever do for Science

3:00pm   Ages 12+
Taking the scientific people, places, discoveries, and events of our past from obscurity in order to enrich our national culture and identity.

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Check out these pre-recorded workshops, talks, and presentations which you can browse at your leisure.

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