Clearing infographic

Clueless on Clearing? We’re here to help!

With more than 70,000 students using this route to accept their university place in 2020, understanding the Clearing process can be crucial in helping and reassuring your students on results day. With this in mind, we’ve picked our top 5 tips on navigating this part of the UCAS journey.

1. Research can start before results day:

Clearing opens on 5th July 2021, and although students cannot start discussing Clearing offers until they have their grades, they can start checking which courses have spaces available beforehand on the UCAS search tool. When grades are released, Clearing will automatically become available through UCAS for students who don’t receive any offers, don’t accept any offers, or aren’t successful in meeting the conditions of their offers.

2. Clearing updates will help students stay connected:

Universities will allow students to sign up for Clearing updates, to receive information about advice, guidance and available vacancies to keep them in the loop. Your students can sign up to receive Swansea University’s updates on our website.

3. Contact universities directly:

Once your students have their results, they must speak to universities directly to discuss Clearing course options and receive informal offers. There are now a range of ways to do this at Swansea, including calling by phone, messaging on Facebook or Whatsapp, or sending an email. 

4. Peruse before you choose:

That’s the motto! Selecting a course through Clearing can be a daunting decision, resulting in students panicking and accepting the first course they are offered. They should be advised to slow down, do their research and find out whether the university’s student life, accommodation options and location also suit them. If they are going to be there for 3 years or more, they need to make sure these details also match their criteria.

5. Complete the process online: When students have permission from their chosen university, they can add their Clearing choice through the UCAS system. Only one choice can be added at a time, but if the university later decide not to give a student a place, they can continue to add another choice. Once a Clearing choice is confirmed by a university, this is considered as final and will appear as an acceptance in the ‘Choices’ area of UCAS.

During these unprecedented times, we believe it is important to reassure students that they are more than the grades they achieve. At Swansea University, we were widely commended for our flexibility with offers in 2020, and will continue to support prospective students in this way in 2021.

If you have further questions about the Clearing process, please visit our Clearing page or get in touch with the Undergraduate Student Recruitment Team.

14 July 2021.