Welcome to Swansea University's Head Start Series, a range of virtual sessions running over two weeks, designed to prepare you for life at university.

Our Student Life webinars will introduce you to the key teams here at Swansea, who will talk about a variety of areas, from accommodation to sports facilities.

Each session will include a short Q&A at the end, so that any queries can be answered directly by each team.

Student in Bay Campus room

Accommodation at Swansea University (Rescheduled)

This introduction to accommodation at Swansea will include a run through of the different sites, things to consider, the application and allocation process explained and a chance to ask questions.

This session has been rescheduled to 8th June due to unforeseen circumstances.

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18:00 - 19:00 BST

Event will be live

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If you missed out on the live sessions, you can now catch up on our Head Start webinars with the recordings below. Please note all advice given is correct at the time of posting, and further advice is available across our website. If you would like to request captions for these videos, please email the Student Recruitment Office.

Reassurance on Clearing (Delivered in English)

Reassurance on Clearing (Delivered in Welsh)

Students' Union & Sports at Swansea University

Student Support at Swansea University

Student Ambassador Q&A: Student Life

Swansea University's Employability Academy