Emily Ellis

Emily Ellis

BSc Medical Pharmacology

I chose Swansea University because the location was amazing and the high standard of education.

My course deals with the science behind drugs and medicines, their effects on living systems and how they treat diseases. My favourite part of the degree is learning about illicit drugs and how these work and affect people. 

The opportunity to study part of the course through the medium of Welsh has given me the huge advantage of having more opportunities in my career by improving my understanding of the subject across both languages. There is also the opportunity to benefit from financial support for Welsh-medium students through things like Welsh-speaking mentors and Welsh medium resources for the course - all of which makes it easier for you! In addition, the Welsh language provision for student life such as the Welsh Society (GymGym) has been special and has helped to enjoy life here and get to know people. The Welsh Society is full of kind people who want to help you at University and beyond. There are loads of other societies to keep you entertained too, from arts to sports and more!

I have taken advantage of many opportunities because of my Welshness including being part of the Urdd's 2021 Message of Peace and Goodwill. This was an amazing opportunity to contribute to a very powerful message that is shared across the world. The experience gave me the confidence to discuss important issues with others in order to create a better community around me. 

Choosing Swansea University has been a brilliant decision and an unforgettable experience so far!