Dr Hollie Cockings

Dr Hollie Cockings

Senior Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering

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Dr Hollie Cockings is a Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy within the Department of Engineering, Swansea University and is sponsored by Tata Steel UK.

Dr Cockings' research interests vary within the area of materials engineering, but her expertise lies in high temperature environmental degradation and fatigue in structural materials and surface hardening treatments (such as shot peening) for design against fatigue. Her research to date has spanned from novel test method development, high temperature corrosion fatigue in power generation alloys (such as Ni-based superalloys), failure analysis of metallic materials as well as advanced characterisation of surfaces, residual stresses and plastic deformation.

Hollie is currently the academic Project Manager of the EPSRC Rapid Alloy Prototyping Prosperity Partership, working alongside Tata Steel and Warwick Manufacturing Group, which aims to accelerate the innovation cycle of steel products by creating a novel alloy development and process optimisation method. In particular, from a technical focus, Hollie is interested in oxidation during high temperature processing and assessing the mechanical properties and representitive behaviour of new alloys developed under this project. 

Dr Cockings' previous experience in advanced environmental testing has also allowed for translation into simulating laboratory-scale steel making processes for resource efficiency, decarborisation and the circular economy. With this, Hollie is supervising EngD students that aim to reduce the environmental impact of steel-making operations within the UK.