Sandeep Sesodia

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Graduated 1982: Economics and Politics

Sandeep has a successful track record of over 35 years in Banking and Finance and of providing a bespoke, tailored and personalized service of support and guidance to business. He is practiced in business planning, sourcing, accessing and securing appropriate finance structures based on understanding a client’s business and they type of finance required. Key is to assist businesses to realize their strategic and long-term goals by providing the appropriate finance structure.

Forging relationships is central to Sandeep’s ethos - an honest open relationship full of energy, drive and enthusiasm and a willingness to help customers. Sandeep works closely with business and local communities as well as with key business partners and professionals across the region.
Sandeep is a Non-executive Director, Partnerships Portfolio, at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce; (was Chair of the Southampton Business Board / Business Strategy Group, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce 2015 – 2020); Chair of Southampton Connect (Southampton City Council); Board member of The New Forest Business Partnership; ex-President of the Rotary AM Connect Club in Southampton 2016 - 2019; Humanities Chair at the Rotary Club of Highcliffe on Sea; Enterprise Adviser, The Careers & Enterprise Company (Solent LEP); Governor, Highcliffe School; a vice Patron of the QE2 Activity Centre (for people of all ages with special needs) and Vice President of Bournemouth Cricket Club.

The importance and value of sport at university

Whichever sport you participate in (mine were Cricket and Rugby), it brings students together - whether freshers or established. Sport allows students to define themselves and gain confidence in a new environment. Given our varied backgrounds and experience (including international students) and the fact that we knew little about each other or how good each one of us was at our chosen sport, it was a great learning and a great leveller. 

For me, sport was an outlet from all the studying and a means to express yourself and your skills and abilities in a different way. Sport was also a means to appreciate and respect your team - mates and fellow students. We learnt practical lessons in life outside the lecture theatres and tutorials which would help us later when entering the world of work. For example, interpersonal skills, leadership, management, delegation, camaraderie, trust, team spirit, work ethic, friendship and being competitive.

Like with any activity, academic or physical, planning and preparation are vital. The rugby (circuit) training sessions taken by the then coach Stan Addicott (now Chairman of Swansea RFC) were a real test. But through my involvement I met Swansea RFC players who were some of the friendliest people ever. However, I do believe that I ended up playing for the university rugby team more by chance and luck as all sides were some of the strongest and most powerful I had come across at that time. I had flying lessons in the scrum and broke my ribs in the first month at the University…..
Playing for the University was an ambition. I was proud to represent the university at all levels and especially in the UAU competitions. Playing cricket for the University was my main sport – I was awarded a University Cricket Cap but was not able to collect as I could not attend the event.
All I will say is that when I returned home to play for my local cricket and rugby teams I was a much fitter and better player.

On the topic of fellowship and friendship, in my second year, together with a good friend Simon George, we arranged an England v Wales rugby match with students from Neuadd Mary Williams. Simon was the (winning) Wales captain and I was the (losing) England captain. Irrespective of the result (I will concede that the better side won on the day!) it brought the whole hall together and we had supporters who attended the match and celebrated that evening at our social gathering afterwards...

So, for me, sport was the “other” very important education that I received whilst studying at Swansea University and one which I cherish to this day.

Past University Rugby Team
Past university cricket team
Past University rugby team