Personal advice from someone who got their Marketing place through Clearing

Author: Alex Lewis, BSc Marketing student

My name is Alex Lewis, and I am a second year BSc Marketing student. I applied to study at Swansea through clearing and have since been able to gain lots of relevant experience through additional opportunities on offer at Swansea.

My Clearing Experience

After gaining several years’ experience working in an administrative role, I decided to apply to study Marketing at Swansea University to further my education to enhance my future career prospects. I applied through clearing as I decided to apply in August after the UCAS deadlines had closed, I was pleased to receive such a quick unconditional offer for a place on my preferred course. 

Alex Lewis, BSc Marketing student

Alex Lewis, BSc Marketing student

Following my acceptance of the offer, I received regular communications from the university providing updates on the induction process and opportunities were provided to ask lecturers and current students questions via Zoom. I was impressed that despite the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the university still provided opportunities to address any queries through the live chat service on the website, email, phone and Zoom which provided reassurance.

Why Swansea?

I chose to apply to study at Swansea University as I have grown up in the Swansea area and know that it is a friendly community, with the extra bonus that the Bay Campus has modern facilities and is located right next to the beach! I already knew other students that had studied at Swansea and had a positive experience, which also supported my decision. The range of optional modules that were available as part of the BSc Marketing programme also appealed to me, as it provided the opportunity to explore other areas of Business Management such as Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship, whilst it was evident that the core modules would provide a sound grounding of the knowledge required for a career in the field of marketing. The BSc Marketing course at Swansea is part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accredited degree programme, which further supported my decision to study at Swansea as the university is also a CIM Study Centre which has enabled me to complete the required module whilst I am still studying to gain an additional CIM qualification when I graduate next year.

My Swansea Experience

Since starting my degree programme in September 2020, I have had the opportunity to gain lots of experience relevant to the field of marketing. I have volunteered for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), working with an experienced marketing professional to promote the CIM Marketing Clubs designed to support students’ learning through online webinars, and have also had webinar reviews published on the CIM (Wales) website. I have also gained practical experience working as an intern within the university’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences marketing department, which has enabled me to develop transferable skills such as proofreading, editing website content, working with others, and time management. The internship has been a great opportunity for me to gain training in the use of a Content Management System, keyword analysis, and Google Analytics, all of which are highly desired skills in many marketing roles. Being selected to represent the university as a Student Ambassador has also enabled me to deliver presentations, take guided tours and engage with prospective students to provide advice on the process of applying to university and offer insights from my experience at Swansea.

My Advice for applying through Clearing

Based on my clearing application process and the experience I have had since I started studying at Swansea, I would definitely recommend applying to study at Swansea as applying through clearing was a positive experience as the university promptly offered me a place, and subsequently continued to keep me up to date with the latest information regarding the start of the first semester. Take advantage of the events provided either online or in person to gain more information and ask your own questions regarding your course and the university from academics, support staff and current students. Research the course you would like to study and ensure the course content interests you and consider whether the degree would support you to achieve your career aspirations. Finally, Swansea University has provided me with lots of additional opportunities which have enhanced my student experience – take part in extra activities to meet other people and develop transferable skills.  

Firstly, Don't Panic, We Are Here To Help

You may not have got the results you were hoping for, or maybe you have had a last minute change of heart about your future, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still study marketing this autumn. We are here to help, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to secure your place at university through Clearing. It may seem as though it’s a very stressful time right now, but coming through Clearing definitely doesn’t spell the end of your marketing career.

What Do You Need For Clearing?

I’d like to help you take some of the stress out of Clearing, so I have answered some common queries and provided some additional information, to hopefully help you prepare for Clearing and make the best out of the process.