What is economics?

Money makes the world go round: but how? Discover how the global economy influences every part of our daily lives – from global politics to law and society. Learn how resources are spread locally and globally and understand why politicians really make the decisions they do.

You will be taught economic theory blended with mathematical and statistical elements. We will build your analytical tools, knowledge and techniques so that you thrive in a discipline that, after Medicine, is the most financially rewarding degree programme anywhere.

Why Choose Swansea?

Careers and Employability. Our bespoke Employability Team are renowned for launching successful careers.

Teaching Expertise. You’ll be taught by cutting-edge researchers who are leaders in their field. That’s why we we’ve received the TEF Gold award: the highest award for teaching within UK Higher Education.

Our friendly Student Experience Officers have got your back – whether or not you’ve taken A-Level Maths, we’ll make sure you have the right support to succeed in your studies.

What graduate career options are there?

Economics graduates from Swansea are poised for financially rewarding and mentally challenging employment opportunities.

Whether you target the pressured energy of a trading floor or the credibility of becoming an authority on business trends, our degrees will make you a strong candidate for any graduate employer.

Find out about the career support available to you.

What do current students think?

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"I enjoyed learning, developing and advancing upon the base structure built in my economics bachelors degree at Swansea, as well as learning new techniques and models in my courses. My favourite module was Micro Economics because it was heavily maths orientated and that suited my strong mathematical skills."
- Rahat Haque; MSc and BSc Economics and Finance

Materials to help you get ready for your degree

What are your course options?

Our flexible study options

We always try to adopt as flexible an approach as we can, so don’t panic if you don’t quite meet the terms of any offer we make you.

We encourage all applicants to speak to us about their offers; just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

You’ll have the freedom to transfer between Economics BSc, Economics and Business BSc, and Economics and Finance BSc right up to the beginning of your second year.

For undergraduate UK students we offer the option of a Foundation Year with each of our economics degrees.

These are increasingly a popular option because they offer:

  • Smaller class sizes with more personalised support;
  • extra support including Maths, essay writing and group work;
  • and you gain a solid grounding in accounting, finance, statistics, strategy and management specialisms.

Undergraduate international students
can apply for our Undergraduate Economics Pathway. We also offer a range of English language training to support and prepare you for your studies at Swansea University.

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