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Case Study: Luke Green, Founder of GoGo Coffee, BSc Business Management (Enterprise and Innovation) student

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

The University has a brilliant reputation and my business lecturer at Pembrokeshire College spoke very highly of the business offering at the School of Management, in particular, the entrepreneurship pathway.

As I had already decided that I wanted to set up my business, I decided to visit during an Open Day. I spoke with lecturer, Dave Bolton, who was really encouraging and helped me realise that Swansea was the place for me. 

What do you love about your course?

I love that I’m able to work on my passion of running my own business alongside my studies. Independent learning is a big part of the course too which is a really mature way of learning as it’s down to you to put the work in and to make sure your time is well spent.

What is GoGo Coffee?

GoGo Coffee is a speciality coffee service operated from a Smart Car.

The company ethos is to provide customers with a sustainable coffee experience; through the use of battery ran coffee machines in the back of a low carbon emitting car, creating delicious, locally sourced organic coffee, served in bio-disposable cups.

Where did the idea come from?

While I was studying business management at college, I had ideas to run candyfloss and ice cream carts from a bike. However, when I passed my driving test I explored other options which would enable me to travel further and serve a larger audience; this is how GoGo Coffee was established. Being able to drive to destinations to serve coffee, which has 350% profit margins, would really help get my business off the ground.

How has Swansea University helped you build your business?

I purchased the car myself which had already been converted to serve coffee from the boot; which gave me a great grounding to launch my business. I really enjoyed the Business Planning module on my course which encouraged me to think operationally about my business, I’m pleased to say that I had the highest results in the history of the module.

The Applied Entrepreneurship module also helped me fully launch my business; as students are required to run their own business as part of the module. Students are also given the opportunity to pitch for additional funding in a Dragon’s Den style format. I was very proud to have been rewarded the maximum amount available; £2.2k.

This money is being used for vehicle insurance, stock and a storage unit – all necessities for the longevity of GoGo Coffee. Setting up your own business as part of the degree is a big commitment but it’s great that I will graduate having already set up my own business.

In the future, I hope to have franchisees running GoGo Coffee businesses across the UK.


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