By Ryan Duffy, Applied Business Management student

My name is Ryan Duffy, I am an Applied Business Management Student at Swansea University, who work with Coleg Cambria, based in Northop. Alongside my studies I work for Airbus, as a second year Commercial Degree Apprentice.

Last year, after my A-Level studies, I decided I wanted to go down the Degree Apprenticeship route, and joined Airbus on their Apprenticeship Scheme in September 2019. On a daily basis, I am blessed with the opportunity to develop myself as a professional but also an individual. I am lucky to experience real-life business situations within a workplace day-in-day-out, as I embark on a wide range of business area placements; which compliment my degree.

My FdSc studies and future BSc studies are so important for me in my career. I believe they will provide me with a key understanding of important business challenges, which will enable me to thrive in my future roles within business and beyond. Applying my academic knowledge to real-life scenarios, is a real recipe for success.

Before Covid-19 imploded in the UK, I had decided 2020 would be the year for me to go from working with planes to jumping from one, all in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society. The charity is very close to my family’s heart after we sadly lost my Nan who fought the illness for over 10 years. I know from experience, the affects the illness has, not only on the sufferer, but also the family affected. I have also seen the truly remarkable work the charity does to help. It was only right I helped in any way I could.

Therefore, during lockdown, I embarked on a fundraising challenge, with two other family members who joined me on the skydive. Due to the pandemic, all proposed fundraising events had been cancelled but we weren’t going to let that hold us back and raise the much needed funds. Our skydive went ahead and it was so worth it.

Looking back, I do find myself asking if it was the right time to take the ‘jump’, during a global pandemic, but actually, there was no better time. We raised £3,000 for The Alzheimer’s Society which was more essential now than ever, as charities continue to suffer financially, as a direct result of the pandemic. They are under so much pressure that embracing fundraising opportunities like this is not only important, but absolutely crucial!

2020 has been an unforgettable year for everyone, unfortunately, not for the right reasons. No matter who you are or what you do, there is one thing you can do in this situation, and that is to stay positive. We WILL get through this. Keep going, adapt to change and take it in your stride!

Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I went from working with planes, to jumping from one, what will be your next challenge?

Take good care and thanks for reading my story!


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Blog written by: Ryan Duffy
Date published: 20/10/2020