Global Challenges Postgraduate Research Symposium

23rd June 2021, online

Aimed at promoting and supporting the work of postgraduate researchers from all disciplines and subject areas whose work is aligned with the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

The GCRF supports research that aims to develop sustainable and practicable pathways to healthier, safer lives and prosperity for all, with a focus on improving lives and opportunities in the Global South. PGR students from across the university are conducting important research in many areas relating to the priorities of the GCRF. The symposium will provide a forum to showcase this work, allowing PGR Students to explore how the GCRF and UN Sustainable Development Goals align with their research, and to share their work with a multidisciplinary audience across the university. We hope this will also inspire PGR students to consider new interdisciplinary possibilities and research collaborations. 


Conference Programme

10am -10:20am: Introduction to symposium and GCRF

10:20am-11:20am: Session 1: Sustainable Energy

1120-11:30: Morning Break

11:30-12:10: Session 2: Immunity

12:10-12:45: Dr Sam Baxland: Communicating Research on Global Challanges

12:45-13:30: Lunch Break 

13:30-14:10: Session 3: Sustainable Engineering & Climate Resilience

14:10-15:10: Session 4: Physical Health

15:10-15:20: Afternoon Break

15:20-16:20: Session 5: Mental Health

16:20-16:30: Closing remarks

Programme details