Our research community work closely with local and global communities, influencing policy at both national and international levels. We look at the past and present in order to create a more just, equal, and fair future for all.

We have:

  • Shaped new law on the human rights of children and young people in Wales by providing guidance for advocates of policy change for Welsh Government Ministers and Assembly Members. Through this research the Wales Observatory on Human Rights of Children and Young People has imposed a unique legal duty on Welsh Ministers to have due regard to the requirements of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Directly informed policy to reduce labour market inequalities by revealing deeply entrenched labour market inequalities in Wales and the UK, and skill mismatches in the EU. This research has been extensively used by Welsh Government to assess the equality impact of the Welsh budget whilst demonstrating international reach through informing policy debates in Australia and the European Union
  • Provided advice and guidance relating to the care, well-being and life -quality of older people.  Wales’s leading centre for ageing studies, The Centre for Innovative Aging provides transformative research, underpinned by the latest in original and innovative ideas .
  • Reframed the way drug policy is talked about. The Global Drug Policy Observatory has pioneered concepts such as promoting harm reduction practices such as needle exchange programmes and opioid substitution therapy. 

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