Episode 12: Cancer treatment and eradicating malaria: what role can microbes play?

How can bacteria be used to prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria and zika virus? Can the same techniques be used to treat and cure cancer? Geneticist Professor Paul Dyson explains how his research into manipulating bacteria can be used to deliver molecules to tackle pandemics and how his Cancer Research UK funding could help us win the arms race with cancer.

As programme director, Professor Paul Dyson was instrumental in the growth and strength of our Biochemistry and Genetics teaching and research. Dyson’s initial research interest was bacteria in soil, and the discovery of new and effective antibiotics. Over the last 10 years, this research has shifted into the manipulation and use of bacteria for the treatment, management and prevention of disease. This research initially explored how bacteria could prevent the spread of disease through vectors such as Mosquitos in the case of Malaria, and quickly developed into how they could better treat Cancer in a more targeted way.

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