Episode 4: The devastating effects of "legal highs"

Dr Amira Guirguis is the Programme Director of our Pharmacy Course here at Swansea University. In this podcast she explores Novel Psychoactive Substances which were known as legal highs, and the significant threat they pose to public health. Alongside Dr Sam Blaxland this podcast episode also explores the relationship of vaping to recent deaths in America, and how Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) can be better understood, classified and their effects treated.


Dr Amira Guirguis of Swansea University's Medical School is an expert in the identifcation and classification of new psychoactive substances. She is the Programme Director of the new MPharm Pharmacy course. 

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Review For Exploring Global Problems: Legal Highs Episode an eye opener

Loved the episode on Legal Highs a real eye opener. Also touches on Vapes. Really enjoyable can’t wait for the next episode.