Ashish Dwivedi, MPhil in English Literature

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Finding my voice as a researcher and a future leader in a global community

“Inclusive and research-driven”

Postgraduate researcher Ashish Dwivedi (MPhil in the College of Arts and Humanities) discusses how his time at Swansea University has enabled him to socialise in a vibrant international and postgraduate community, build his CV and pursue his personal passions.

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Manuela Pacciarini, PhD in Medical and Health Care Studies

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Sharing ideas and solving problems as a postgraduate researcher

“Swansea enables me to be the best version of myself”

Postgraduate researcher Manuela Pacciarini (PhD, Medical School) and 2020 Three Minute Thesis Swansea University winner discusses her love of science communication, lipids research and Swansea’s coastline.

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Dr Murhaf Korani, PhD in Public Health

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“I brought my new skills home”

Dr Murhaf Korani, Assistant Professor and Vice Dean for Hospital Affairs at Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia, discusses his experience of undertaking PhD research at Swansea University, and how the support and guidance he received has helped him to build his academic career.

My research

My PhD research explored how obesity differs between ethnic groups. In the UK, researchers have considered how social, economic and cultural differences may affect variation in the levels of childhood obesity between different ethnic groups, alongside other factors such as differences between genetics, nutrient intake and activity level. My research measured the differences between maternal perceptions, child-feeding style and the eating behaviour of mothers themselves between UK ethnic groups. I was particularly interested in how the behaviours of some mothers were deeply linked to food, meaning of culture, traditional religion and social work.

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Aaron Brown, PhD in Criminology

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Aaron recently completed a PhD in Criminology at Swansea's School of Law, and now works as a Research Assistant.

My time as a postgraduate student within the Criminology department, at both MA and PhD level, has proven stimulating and highly enjoyable. In undertaking my research, I have been struck not only by the academic expertise demonstrated by staff, but also by the pastoral concern that they exhibit towards postgraduate students. I have found my supervisors as well as wider departmental staff to be approachable, generous with their time and always ready to share their knowledge and insights.

I have also benefited hugely from the wide range of experiences that are available at postgraduate level, including the planning and teaching of seminars, as well as the various opportunities to attend and present at conferences. Suffice to say I cannot recommend postgraduate study within the Criminology department highly enough. You definitely won’t regret applying!

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Hannah Jones, PhD in Public Health

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Hannah completed the MSc in Public Health & Health Promotion before undertaking roles at Public Health Wales and the Shared Regulatory Services for Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Hannah returned to Swansea to undertake a PhD in Public Health, and is nearing completion: 

I received an email from Swansea detailing a PhD scholarship. I was very happy in my role, but felt like it would be a great opportunity to at least apply. I was fortunate enough to be offered the scholarship and felt like this was an incredible opportunity to carry out more research on a topic I find interesting. The offer of the scholarship also influenced my decision as I would not have been able to pursue this PhD without financial support.

My PhD focuses on hygienic behaviours to help stop pathogens from spreading in swimming pools. The experience of teaching has been invaluable and a great skill to add to my CV. I have been given the opportunity to present my research at conferences and meet colleagues from different industries.

The hardest thing I have found is trying to ensure all work is completed in time. It can feel lonely, especially as you do not have lectures where you would come together as a group. However, the University does provide courses which do present opportunities to meet other PhD students. Keeping myself motivated for nearly three years has been difficult, but it is up to you and your supervisors to create work deadlines.

I would encourage anyone interested in postgraduate study to go for it! Things have happened unexpectedly in my personal life which have affected my studies, but I'm glad that I had to focus on my PhD and my supervisors were very supportive.

Stuart Booker, PhD in History

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After completing both a BA and MA at Swansea, Stuart has recently embarked on a PhD in History, exploring the relationship between Wales and the League of Nations:

My PhD studies grew out of my experience of studying History at university, and the focus of my PhD thesis evolved out of topics explored in both my BA and MA dissertation. Looking forward, my career aspiration is to obtain my PhD in order to pursue a career in academia or historical research.

As a location, Swansea has the best of both worlds. It has the facilities and characteristics of a city without feeling that you live in one. Given Swansea’s topography, you are never far away from an open space, providing endless opportunities for recreation. After spending hours in the library or archives, there is nothing better than heading out for a run around some of Swansea’s scenic routes or going to the beach with friends.

Swansea University offered numerous extra-curricular opportunities that enhanced my CV and helped me grow as an individual. I worked as a Student Ambassador – here I shared my student experience and communicated with prospective students. The History Society provided a range of academic and social opportunities. I also decided to take up a new sport when starting my undergraduate degree. It resulted in me becoming a prominent member of the Athletics Society, acting as Vice-Captain during the second year of my undergraduate study.

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