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Stardust Hunters is an educational outreach project funded by the Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) which aims to enable school children to carry out searches for tiny particles from space, right here on the Earth. The project is a collaboration between Swansea University, Oriel Science, AstroCymru, the National Museum of Wales – Cardiff and the National Botanic Gardens of Wales

With access to a ‘Stardust Hunters Toolkit’ containing everything that they will need in order to search for and potentially discover these particles known as ‘micrometeorites’, pupils will work with their teachers and/or families to design and conduct surveys of their locations to find potential candidates. They will then send their findings to scientists at Swansea University where they will be analysed to see if they have found tiny rocks from space!

To join us on this cosmic hunt and help scientists unravel the mystery of the early Solar System, please see:

Contact: Dr Sarah Roberts