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Translational Technologies for Medicine and Healthcare

Medical Technologies is one of the four strategic research themes at the Medical School. The theme encompasses advances in translational research and is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. We work with the Scar Free Foundation within our work in regenerative and reconstructive medicine aiming to alleviate the impact of scarring.

The interdisciplinary research undertaken within the theme is underpinned by the horizon-2020 PATROLs research dedicated to improving regulation, testing and understanding of Nano-particles enhanced by the presence of the multi-million pound interdisciplinary Centre for Nano-Health.

Closely linked to the Medical School’s Enterprise and Innovation initiatives this research theme actively links its expertise in biomedical research to industry and the NHS with the aim of improving human health and the development of knowledge economies globally. 

Having Clinical Benefit through Technological Development

The research within Medical Technologies is interdisciplinary in approach relying on research ranging from Engineering to Chemistry and bringing together academics and clinicians with the stated aim of having clinical impact through the use and development diagnostic tools and medical devices that will improve the clinical and health outcomes for patients.

DNA Damage and the Safety of Nanomaterials

How do we assess the safety of nanomaterials? DNA damage in particular is a concern as it can lead to cancer development and so, assessing the DNA damaging capacity of a substance we are exposed to is vital. Professor Shareen Doak and her team have been developing tailored safety testing methods for nanomaterials and new, advanced non-animal tissue models. Our research has been utilized in numerous international regulatory risk assessment policy documents world-wide to adapt the DNA damage testing methodology so that it is appropriate for evaluating nanomaterials.

Leading the way in translational biomarker research in haemostasis

The HBRU, led by Professor Adrian Evans, is an integral part of the Welsh Centre for Emergency Medicine Research and the emergency medicine translational research programme. It is  a unique, purpose-built fully equipped and staffed unit for the development, assessment and validation of biomarkers in the field of haemostasis, diagnostic sensors and the therapeutic evaluation of anticoagulant drugs.

Fighting Substance Misuse with Advanced Drug Detection Tools

The prevalence of new psychoactive substances, or NPS is ‘an area of growing concern’. Dr Guirguis joined us in March 2019, with a specific research focus on NPS.  Together with a new team, she is setting up a research unit to analyse the properties and effects of NPS and other substances of misuse, to increase understanding of them, and, crucially, to offer advice to the medical profession.

Accelerating medical technologies, from bench to bedside.

Our sub-themes share a common goal of accelerating potentially transformative medical technologies to the clinic.  These include novel methods in haemorheology, innovative technologies in the field of regenerative medicine and new tests for addressing the risk of engineered nanomaterials. 

Our Medical Devices Research Experts

Professor Martin Clift

Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Professor Shareen Doak

Personal Chair, Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Ed Dudley

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Lewis Francis

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Ruth Godfrey

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Professor Karl Hawkins

Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Richard Hugtenburg

Associate Professor of Medical Physics, Medical Physics
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Dr Ilyas Khan

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Zhidao Xia

Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine, Biomedical Sciences
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