The Department of Mathematics of Swansea University is currently recruiting two undergraduate students to work on a research project over the summer, under the EPSRC Vacation Internships scheme.
The scheme supports undergraduate students from any UK university to gain a taster of what it is like to do research. Students are given practical first-hand experience of a career in research.
Students will receive a salary of £332.50 per week and carry out a project lasting eight weeks during the summer holidays.
Projects will commence in early July (to be confirmed on discussion with the supervisor).


To be eligible, students will need to be:  

  • Registered for a first degree at a UK institution in a subject related to the chosen research project.
  • Students who are currently in their final year and who will have completed their degree by the summer are not eligible – applications are only open to students in their penultimate year of study or earlier.
  • Able to fulfil EPSRC’s doctoral training grant eligibility requirement at the end of their undergraduate degree (i.e., be classified as a home student for fee purposes).


In order to apply, submit the Application Form and current transcripts of studies to Professor Eugene Lytvynov (
The deadline for applications is 6 pm on 3rd May 2022


The following two research projects are available:

  1. Mathematical modelling of Covid Outbreak: Two Strain Model (see the description
    Supervisors: Dr Gibin Powathil, Dr Noemi PiccoProfessor Biagio Lucini 
  2. Time series and statistical data analysis model (see the description)  
    Supervisor: Professor Jiang-Lun Wu

For any queries about the research project, please contact the project supervisor.