In the last two decades, Swansea’s Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL) has grown into one of the most prestigious providers of LLM courses in the field of commercial, trade, IP, oil and gas, and maritime law.

Today, IISTL’s graduates are spread all around the world occupying key positions in law firms, the insurance and financial sectors, and in the commercial world.

Members of IISTL met with some of their London-based alumni at a prize-giving event held at HFW’s London Office. The event provided a platform for Swansea’s alumni to meet with each other, and also with several of IISTL’s teaching staff; Professors Soyer and Tettenborn, and Dr Kurtz-Shefford.

IISTL’s staff thoroughly enjoyed hearing the success stories of their graduates, and hearing about their progress; it was most heartening to hear that they all remember Swansea and their LLM experience so fondly. The IISTL is also enormously grateful to HFW for facilitating this event.

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