The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law delivers a paid a summer internship scheme following developmental interviews designed to assist with employability skills. As part of this internship, three law students, Callum Morton, Lawrence Thomas and Sioned Williams, worked with Professor Michael Draper, who is an expert with the QAA academic integrity advisory group.

Professor Draper worked with the student interns on new QAA documentation relating to contract cheating and complaints and appeals. This Guidance on complaints and appeals has just been published by the QAA, with the students being credited for their work. Alongside Student Union Full Time Officer, Theresa Ogbekhiulu, they also delivered a presentation at the recent QAA student conference.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many HE institutions have adapted their policies and practices to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by factors beyond their control. This new QAA paper looks at the emerging issues around student complaints and appeals, how institutions are communicating with students, and what useful lessons have been learned, that can be taken forward to improve the student experience for future years.

As a result of this work, Swansea University has, through its work with the QAA and UKAT, led the UK in the educational response to Covid-19, and has done so working with students as partners.

Speaking about the new guidance, Professor Draper said:

“In the circumstances of the HE response to Covid-19 and the move to online teaching and assessments, which is likely to continue in some respects into the next academic year, the new guidance on complaints and appeals is both timely and useful both highlighting and looking forward to developing best practice in the sector.“

Speaking on the employability opportunities available at the School of Law, Trish Rees, Director of Employability, said:

“The internship scheme offered under the Employability Agenda has been successfully running for over seven years and is just one of a number of opportunities available within the School. The paid internship provides students with an opportunity to work alongside an academic colleague in an area that interests them, carrying out research and often contributing to the publication of an article. We were delighted to be able to continue to offer this initiative this year especially in light of the Covid-19 restrictions. The internship is a brilliant addition to any CV as it demonstrates to a prospective employer skills such as communication, research, drafting and teamwork, and provides a great talking point at interview.”

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