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Swansea University’s Cyber Threats Research Centre (CYTREC) have been welcomed as an organisation member of the RESOLVE Network, a research network housed at the U.S. Institute of Peace, that focuses on countering violent extremism.

CYTREC will join the global consortium of researchers, research organisations, policy makers and practitioners, which is currently made up of 36 institutions from around the globe, to support RESOLVE’s mission to develop and deliver high-quality, methodologically rigorous research and analysis on violent extremism.

Director of CYTREC, Professor Stuart Macdonald, spoke about the opportunity to collaborate with RESOLVE, and how the new Legal Innovation Lab at Swansea University will contribute to its mission, saying:

“The RESOLVE Network has a global reputation. Its desire to bring researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together to produce empirically grounded research that informs policy and practice is one that CYTREC fully supports. We are excited to partner with RESOLVE in the coming years and contribute to its goal of preventing and countering violent extremism”.

Director of RESOLVE, Dr. Alastair Reed welcomed the new organizational membership of CYTREC, saying:

“We are thrilled to have CYTREC on board as a member organization of the RESOLVE Network. CYTREC is a leading research centre on violent extremism online. We look forward to exploring synergies and collaboration opportunities with CYTREC on our many new projects including on racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism and violent extremist disengagement and reconciliation.”

CYTREC is an interdisciplinary centre. Its experts have backgrounds in law, criminology, psychology, science, and linguistics. The work of CYTREC has been presented around the world, including to the to the UK Home Office, US State Department, Europol, and NATO Advanced Training Courses.

Its partners include RUSI, Tech Against Terrorism and the NSPCC.

For more information on CYTREC, visit the website.

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