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As a Geography student at Swansea University, you may be able to transfer from your three year degree scheme onto a four-year course which includes a year abroad. You will usually need to start thinking about this during your first year and then come along to Study Abroad talks at the start of your second year, where we will tell you what you need to do next. You may already be on a four-year course which includes a year abroad.

In the meantime, take a look at universities the Geography department is currently partnered with. This list can change annually, and you may also have the option to apply for a place at a 'university-wide' partner, however availability and destinations vary year on year so please be prepared to be flexible! 

Enrolment on a programme with a semester/year abroad does not guarantee you a semester/year abroad placement. Spaces are limited and subject to a competitive selection process. In the event you do not secure a semester/year abroad placement, you will be transferred to the standard variant of your degree scheme without a semester or year abroad. Options available to you may depend on the details of the Brexit settlement negotiated by the UK government.

Geography International Field Trips