Be prepared for your time abroad

Before you travel, it is important that you take into consideration any issues relating to your health and wellbeing and make the necessary arrangements. 

Approval of international travel
Any international opportunity due to be undertaken by students is subject to Swansea University’s international travel approval process, which is defined in the University’s International Travel Policy. Students must not make any financial commitment to an international opportunity (for example, book any travel or accommodation) until your travel plans have been approved. In order for your proposed travel to be reviewed, you will be required to complete:

  • Basic Travel Safety awareness module (via Drum Cussac)
  • International Travel Risk Assessment form
    • depending on the country you are travelling to and/or transiting through, you will either need to complete the Low Risk International Travel Risk Assessment form or the Moderate/High International Travel Risk Assessment form

Full details and guidance, along with the relevant form for completion, is available via: 

Year / Semester Abroad and Medical Electives international travel plans are approved at Faculty level. Please note you will also be required to meet any academic requirements in order to participate in your semester or year abroad programme. Send your completed Risk Assessment and Covid Considerations documents to:

Summer Programme international travel plans are approved by the International Development Office. Send your completed Risk Assessment and Covid Considerations documents to: and ensure you review the Additional Travel Planning guidance for summer programme students

Swansea University Travel Insurance
When you travel abroad as a student on official Swansea University business you are entitled to use the University's comprehensive travel insurance policy. The policy covers the period from the time that you leave your normal place of residence, immediately before the start of your course, until the journey home, immediately after your course has finished. You are also entitled to 7 days holiday within the cover, this can only be taken immediately before, during, or immediately after your period of study. If you would like a copy of the policy then please visit the Insurance information section on MyUniHub. It is your responsibility to review this policy and check it suits your particular needs. If it does not then you will need to purchase supplementary cover. If you decide to extend your stay abroad you will need to purchase additional travel insurance.

Medical Emergency Abroad
If you have a medical emergency whilst abroad and need assistance through the travel insurance described above, you or someone on your behalf must contact Global Response who will help with any ambulance/hospital bills. Contact information is provided in the travel insurance policy. Failure to do so may make the above Travel Insurance cover null and void. 

UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)
If you are studying Europe you will need to apply for a student GHIC. Applications cannot be completed online or over the phone. We will provide you with a letter which will need to be submitted with your application this will confirm the following:

  • name and address of the UK educational institution
  • address of where you're studying overseas
  • details of the qualification you're studying for
  • date your course started
  • the date you're due to finish your course

More information on the application can be found on the student GHIC website.

Contact your GP
If you have an on-going medical condition make sure that you have a letter from your GP/hospital that states you are fit to travel, and also always take a list of the medication that you need with you. If you are prescribed or take any regular medication (including contraception), discuss the process of continuing your prescription abroad with your GP. Remember that medication, trade names and dosage levels may vary abroad. If you are going to Europe, obtain translated copies of any important health documentation you may have.

Vaccinations and Immunisations
You should ensure that you receive all the necessary vaccinations relevant to the country you will be living in, including any countries which you intend to travel to during the holidays. You should visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for an up-to-date list of required vaccinations, along with important general travel advice.

Additional Support
If you require additional support to undertake your period abroad, please be sure to contact the relevant service here at Swansea University well in advance of your travels. You may wish to contact the Disability Service or Wellbeing Services on campus.