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Paper in IEEE EDL 2019
The paper entitled Impact of gate edge roughness variability on FinFET and gate-all-around nanowire FET by G. Espiñeira et al. is published in April issue of IEEE EDL.

NanoDeCo Group presented at ESSEDRC 2017
The paper "Study of Strained Effects in Nanoscale GAA Nanowire FETs Using 3D Monte Carlo Simulations" from NanoDeco Group was only talk from the UK Universities or Industry at ESSDERC 2017.

NanoDeCo Group has given 3 talks in UK Semiconductors 2017
The members of NanoDeco Group presented three talks at UK Semiconductors 2017 in Sheffield, UK.

NanoDeCo Group has 3 talks and 2 posters at IWCN 2017
The members of NanoDeco Group will present three talks and two posters at International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology 2017 in Windemere, UK, a leading world conference on computational nanotechnology.

One paper from NanoDeCo Group in IEEE TED 2017, one in Solid-State Electronics
G. Indalecio et al., Fluctuation Sensitivity Map: A Novel Technique to Characterise and Predict Device Behaviour Under Metal Grain Work-Function Variability Effects, IEEE Trans Electron Devices 64 (2017); M. A. Elmessary et al., Scaling/LER study of Si GAA nanowire FET using 3D finite element Monte Carlo simulationsSolid-State Electron. 128 (2017) 17-24.

Three papers from NanoDeCo Group in IEEE TED 2016
N. Seoane et al., Comparison of Fin-Edge Roughness and Metal Grain Work Function Variability in InGaAs and Si FinFETs; M. A. Elmessary et al., Anisotropic Quantum Corrections for 3-D Finite-Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale Multigate Transistors;  G. Indalecio et al., Study of Metal-Gate Work-Function Variation using Voronoi cells: Comparison of Rayleigh and Gamma Distributions, IEEE Trans Electron Devices 2016.

NRN Workshop on RF/Power GaN HEMTs
NRN Workshop on RF/Power GaN HEMTs will be held on 18 March 2016 (11am) in Clayton Hotel in Cardiff.

Power Electronics UK funds an ESDC Project in 2015
Petar Igic will lead the 2015 project, a Feasibility Study, M+POWER: Magnetic Field Controlled Switching Device for Power IC Technology funded by Centre for Power Electronics.

Wolfson Power Electronics and Power Systems (PEPS) Laboratory
The Wolfson Fundation awarded £200,000 to equipt a new Power Electronics and Power Systems laboratory recognising a high quality of the ESDC research (read more in Swansea University Latest News).

A paper co-authored by ESDC accepted in Nano Letters 2015
A paper entitled Controlling the electrical transport properties of nanocontacts to nanowires co-authored by ESDC (Olga Kryvchenkova, K. Kalna, R. Cobley) has been published in Nano Letters 2015.

Three papers from ESDC already published in Journal of Applied Physics in 2015
The ESDC research resulted already in three papers published in Journal of Applied Physics in 2015: A. Price and A. Martinez, J. Appl. Phys. 117, 164501 (2015); C. J. Barnett et al., J. Appl. Phys. 117, 174306 (2015); R. Valin, A. Martinez and J. R. Barker; J. Appl. Phys. 117, 164505 (2015).

Two ESDC members in 2014 IEEE T-ED Golden Reviewers List
The List of Golden Reviewers for 2014 compiled by IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices includes two ESDC members: K. Kalna, A. Martinez. K. Kalna is also on the 2014 List of Golden Reviewers for IEEE Electron Device Letters.

ESDC Postgraduate Review Meeting 2014
The meeting will feature presentations from ESDC students pursuing a PhD degree.

Talk at ESSDERC 2014 in Venice
A talk "Impact of Discrete Dopants on an Ultra-Scaled FinFET Using Quantum Transport Simulations" by R. Valin, A. Martinez, M. Aldegunde, a collaboration with Glasgow University (J. R. Barker), has been given in Session on Variability at ESSDERC 2014, the most prestigious European electronic devices conference.

Five talks and one poster at UK Semiconductors 2014
Members of ESDC will presented five talks and one poster at the UK Semiconductors 2014 conference at Sheffield-Hallam University on 9-10 July 2014. This is one more contribution as the last year.

Two talks and seven posters at IWCE 2014, Paris, from ESDC
Members of ESDC will contribute to IWCE 2014 held in Paris, the most prestigious conference in computational solid-state electronics, with two talks and seven posters becomig a leading UK group in the area.

Three papers from ESDC already published in IEEE Transactions in 2014
Two papers co-authored by ESDC members appeared in February issue of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 61, and one paper in February issue of IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 99.

Three ESDC members in 2013 IEEE T-ED Golden Reviewers
The List of Golden Reviewers for 2013 compiled by IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices includes three ESDC members: P. Igic, K. Kalna, A. Martinez. K. Kalna is also on The IEEE Electron Device Letters List of Golden Reviewers for 2013.

Two ESDC Papers Referenced by Silvaco Ltd.
The papers: N. Jankovic, P. Igic, N. Sakurai, Solid-St. Electron 54 (2010) 268-274, and N. Jankovic, T. Pesic and P. Igic, Solid-St. Electron. 51 (2007) 719-725 are listed by Silvaco Ltd. in the section on Power Device Simulation.

 Enrique Comesaña Figueroa developing Kinetic Monte Carlo
Enrique Comesaña, a visiting PhD student from the University of Santiago De Compostela, successfully ended his research visit at the Nanoelectronic Devices Computational Group at the beginning of November 2013. He has laid basic stones of new 3D kinetic Monte Carlo simulation tool aimed for modelling of the carrier transport in amorphous semiconductors, metal-oxides, and organic semiconductors.

Four talks and one poster at UK Semiconductors 2013
Four talks and one poster have been presented at the UK Semicondutors 2013 conference at Sheffield-Hallam University. The talk titles included Multi-Scale Simulation of a Mo/n+GaAs Ohmic Contact using DFT and 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo , Scaling of SOI FinFETs to sub-20 nm using 3D Finite Element Quantum Corrected Monte Carlo Simulations predicting performance of future non-planar transistors, NEGF Study of Phonon Limited Low Field Mobility and the Validity of Matthiessen’s Rule in Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowires studying validity of physical transport models, and Modelling of Current Instability Issues in GaN HEMT looking at device breakdown mechanisms.

Marie-Curie Fellowship in Modelling of High Electron Mobility Transistors for Future Digital Applications
Marie-Curie Fellow Dr Natalia Seoane Iglesias has started her two-year research project entitled 3D modelling of the performance and variability of high electron mobility transistors for future digital applications (PERSEUS) in the Nanoelectronic Devices Computational Group on 1 February 2013. She will look into 3D modelling of the performance and variability of non-planar transistors like FinFETs and nanowire with a high electron mobility channel for future digital applications.