Anna Christina Price

I use the Non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism to simulate electron transport in nanostructures with non-local self-energies.

Muhammad Ali Elmessary

3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Device Simulation with Schrödinger Equation Quantum Corrections. Anisotropy extension of the Schrödinger Equation Quantum Corrections.

Khaled Ahmeda

Measurements and modelling of GaN HEMTs for power applications aiming for normally-off devices with a high breakdown.

Brendan Ubochi

NRN Grant supported PhD student on the project 'Dynamic Characterisation and Modelling of RF GaN HEMTs'.

Luke Wilson

Calculations of molecular structures and transistors using Density Functional Theory.

Alnazer Mohammed

Measurements and characterisation of ZnO nanowire FETs and modelling of metal contacts for nanoscale III-V MOSFETs for future digital applications.

Mustafa Alqayasi

Measurements and modelling of SiC MOSFETs for power applications with a very high breakdown.

Olujide Adenekan

Modelling and optimisation of super-junction multi-gate (non-planar) Si MOSFET for power applications.