Manylion am yr Ymchwil

ADRAN/MAES PWNC - Y Cyfryngau, Cyfathrebu a Chysylltiadau Cyhoeddus  

GORUCHWYLIWR/GORUCHWYLWYR - Dr Siân Rees a Dr Richard Thomas 


TEITL Y TRAETHAWD YMCHWIL - Crisis Communication in Botswana: The case for the Bamangwato 

Manylion am yr Ymchwil

This study investigates Crisis Communication in Botswana, specifically audience reception and perception of crisis messages, crisis response strategies and the role of social media during crisis situations in Botswana. It will contribute to a body of knowledge on crisis communication around the world and on Botswana, where there is negligible or no research on crisis communication. 

This research explores the case of the Bamangwato Concessions Limited (BCL) mine which was abruptly closed in 2016 by the Government of Botswana, leaving over 6000 people jobless and stranded and the crisis communication of the inter-organisational stakeholders affected by the crisis. 

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