Our Research

The Department of Computer Science, is home to world-class researchers, fine laboratory facilities and excellent teaching programmes.

The Department’s ethos is to pursue research that matters in the long term, inspiring students and encouraging them to help change the world.

For more than 40 years researchers at Swansea have made interesting and significant contributions to computer science in the areas of data-centric computing, semantics of specification and programming languages, formal methods for designing software and hardware, operating systems, computer graphics, multimedia communication, modelling of complex fluids, human-computer interaction, and the social impact of science and technology.

The Department organises its research in groups and research themes. Groups are based upon sub-disciplines of computer science, where specialists with similar expertise and methods work individually and collaboratively. Research themes address questions where the collaboration of experts from different sub-disciplines of computer science, and from disciplines outside Computer science, is beneficial.

The department is located with Mathematics in the £32.5M Computational Foundry which opened in 2018. The building is central to the Swansea University Bay Campus, opposite the sea and great hall. The research crucible at around 250m2 provides excellent facilities and a fantastic working environment.

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