12th-14th September 2022

Venue, Swansea University, Wales UK

Images of insects, forestry and pesticide spraying. With the swansea University and ibm logo

The Symposium will be in-person with a mix of keynote talks and presentations from industry and academia. 

Sessions will cover: 

  1. IPM - Challenges and Solutions, chaired by Professor Jon West (Rothamsted Research)
  2. IPM - new products and strategies, chaired by Dr Farooq Shah (Swansea University, Razbio)
  3. Botanicals, Semiochemicals, pest monitoring, orchard and field crop IPM, chaired by Dr Owen Jones (Lisk&Jones Consultants Ltd)
  4. Microbials BCAs, chaired by Dr David Hunter (Consultant to the Asian Development Bank)
  5. Remote Sensing and UAVs, chaired by Professor Peter North (Swansea University)
  6. Registration and future of macrobials, chaired by Dr Caroline Reid (IBMA)
  7. Computational Science Applications to Pest Management, chaired by Dr Will Allen Swansea University)
  8. Multifunctional Microbes-Endophytes, growth/resilience stimulatants, chaired by Dr Steve Edgington (CABI) 
  9. Formulations, chaired by Dr Jim Bullock (iFormulate)
  10. Decision Making and longterm planning for successful IPM, chaired by Dr Khalid Mahmood (Rothamsted Research)
  11. Concluding session, chaired by Dr Steve Arthurs (BioBee)

Download the Conference Programme (details may be subject to change)

The main conference will be held on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th September, followed by a free R&D Funding Support Networking Day, on Wednesday 14th September. Organised by Swansea University’s Research and Innovation Services and supported by SCoRE Cymru, this free networking session will offer an opportunity for Welsh industry and academia to network with international partners.

The focus will be funding opportunities from UK and EU sources, in particular Horizon Europe Cluster 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and environment) and related calls around plant health, resilient infrastructure and low risk pesticides.

The conference will be an opportunity for researchers, technologists and end users to hear from others working in the field and to exchange ideas.  The Networking Day is free and open to all.

For delegates who plan to arrive a few days before the event on Saturday 10th September we have arranged a visit to Rhossili Beach on the Gower and on Sunday 11th September a visit to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales, both just a short journey from Swansea. The trips and a welcome reception, on the Sunday evening,  are included in the conference fee.