The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research at Swansea University is currently developing the first Aquaculture Centre of Excellence in Wales (WalesACE) to serve as a technological springboard and exemplar of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA). This will support an increase in sustainable finfish production and high value micro-algae in Wales.

IMTA specifically targets the circular economy and represents an area where Wales can expand its Aquaculture potential and increase its food security through innovation and collaboration.

WalesACE will develop rearing protocols for finfish, filter feeders and microalgae, which will suit the specific requirements of an IMTA system in Wales.

Within WalesACE fish will be grown in recirculating aquaculture systems where the waste from the fish will be processed into sterile dissolved nutrients, these in turn will grow microalgae in bio-fences. The microalgae will then be processed to produce feed for the fish and hence create a circular nutrient flow.

WalesACE will be operate out of a purpose built structure containing two dedicated recirculating aquaculture systems, algal bio-fences and nutrient processing machinery. Each system will be capable of rearing fish in both fresh and saltwater as well as rearing species from cold to tropical climates.

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