Tom Newcomb studying abroad

Q: Did you enjoy your time in Hong Kong? Why?

A: I really enjoyed participating in my semester abroad in Lingnan University in Hong Kong. The city was an absolutely amazing place to live in for six months, and being able to get to know the local culture was amazing.

Q: How much did the course differ from your degree at Swansea University?

A: Academically, I found being abroad to be a breeze. Studying English out there was quite easy as the local students were learning it as a foreign language, so being a native speaker made it easier to do well. There were more hours per week compared to Swansea; however, I thought the work load was more evenly spread than a Swansea semester.

Q: Did you do any travelling?

A: One of the other perks about travelling to Hong Kong is you also get the opportunity to travel to other places in Asia. I had a long weekend in Tokyo in Japan, and spent my Easter break in Seoul in South Korea. Both of them were really cool places!

Q: Did you make many friends?

A: Yes, it was great making new friends in Hong Kong. Living there allowed me to meet other international students, who I have since kept in touch with.

Q: Did you have difficulty adapting to anything?

A: There were some things about being abroad that I did not enjoy so much. The mattresses on the bed were very slim, and I was not used to having a roommate. But, I feel that the experience definitely outweighed the few annoyances I had.

The whole experience has put many things into perspective and broadened my horizons. I have completely different ambitions in life after finishing my semester abroad and I cannot recommend it enough.