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The funds donated have been utilised to assist students from a number of different groups with a broad range of individual circumstances that required additional support beyond that which we are usually able to offer via our hardship fund allocation.

The general aim was to identify those students most likely to be at risk from acute financial hardship as a result of pre-existing vulnerability likely to be made worse by the public health crises and associated lockdown. 

The areas we've supported

Feedback statements regarding funding awards made possible by donations:

1st Year Care Leaver

"I am doing very well. The additional payments have helped me a lot. My financial situation is one less thing I need to worry about. I was very unsure on how I would be able to cope as finding a job during the summer months would prove to be difficult. However, I am now able to pay bills, buy food and other necessities which I need. I am extremely grateful and couldn't thank the extra support enough."

2nd Year Nursing Student Final Year Estranged Student Recently became Estranged This Year 2nd year Estranged Student Student Parent

"The sum raised is a fantastic demonstration of the compassion and kindness that typifies our student and staff community and on behalf of the Money@CampusLife team and the many students your donation will help, I want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference. Your charitable assistance encourages our continued commitment to supporting students at Swansea University. Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness"

- Alison Maguire, Manager Money@CampusLife

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