Inspire, support, give something back

As a Swansea University alumnus, volunteering your time, expertise and advice is invaluable for current students.

It’s also an extremely rewarding experience for you, and a great way to stay connected to the University, meet new people, and promote the work you do.

Wherever you are or however much time you can afford to give, there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved and inspire our students.


“The mentoring scheme has surprised me by helping me first and foremost on a personal level. While my mentor offers some valuable careers advice and often takes the time to send me links or courses that she feels would benefit me, the confidence and excitement for my future that I have gained from this experience has been invaluable. I feel competent and capable enough to pursue my passions and knowing that there are likeminded people out there, like my mentor, motivates me even further in my desired field.”

Alex Evans BSc Marketing 2nd Year.

Rumi Bosky

“I decided to take part in the online mentoring scheme because I wanted to learn more about the PR industry, and I wanted advice on what I could do to succeed as a PR practitioner. I found my mentor very helpful in answering all of my questions and she is very supportive of my goals. I’d encourage anyone that is looking for guidance in their field to join the programme, because it is a way to learn important skills for your future career and it allows you to start building networks with people in the industry you are interested in.”

Rumi Bosky BA Media with Spanish 2nd year.