Students with disabilities and special requirements

We are committed to enabling access for all students and want to support any special requirements you may have. For those with specific requirements, we ask that you apply as early as possible so that we can do our best to meet your needs. Some adjustments can take a minimum of 6 weeks to process.

Students with disabilities, specific needs and/or medical conditions will be given priority during the allocation process once they have contacted the Wellbeing and Disability Service and provided the relevant information to the team allocating accommodation.

In order to give your application the best attention, we require the following:

  • Submit your application by 1st August. You can apply whether you hold an Unconditional, Conditional, Insurance or Clearing offer with the University. 
  • Tell us what support you need at the time of your application, whether it be an en-suite, fridge for medication, adapted facilities or location of your accommodation. Please be specific and factual outlining your required adjustments.

Only information provided when applying and recommendations from a medical professional for adaptations can be taken into account when allocating rooms, so it is essential to provide as much supporting information early on with your application. We allocate from February each year for students holding unconditional offers. Therefore, once rooms have been allocated, we are unable to process additional information not provided at the time of the application.

For equipment and/or reasonable adjustments to be made, we may require an Occupational Therapists report determining the exact equipment required. If this is needed, you will be advised of this by the accommodation team dealing with your application.