How much does accommodation cost?

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Accommodation fees depend on the type of room you have. We have a very wide variety of accommodation, and so the fees are varied too.

Fees are calculated using a number of factors including room size (larger rooms are, on average, an additional £5-£6 per week) whether you have shared or en-suite bathroom facilities, are self-catered or provide pre-paid dining options.

Your accommodation fees also include all utilities, internet and room insurance.

Accommodation Fees 2023/2024

Bay Campus
Room TypePer Person Per Week 40 Weeks
Medium En-suite £177.00 £7,080.00
Premium En-suite £183.00 £7,320.00
Twin En-suite £135.00 per person £5,400.00 per person
1 Bed Flat £222.00 £8,880.00
1 Room in 2 Bed £163.00 per person £6,520.00 per person
Beck House Singleton Park Campus Seren true Student

How to Pay

Pay your Accommodation Fees using Swansea University's payments platform, powered by our partner Convera GlobalPay

This allows you, your family or sponsors to pay in the currency of your choice in a simple and secure way. 

  1. Visit Convera
  2. Choose the country you’re paying from.
  3. Enter your payment amount within ‘Accommodation/Rent/Housing Costs’.
    • A reminder of your fees will be sent 10-14 days prior to the due dates.
    • If you wish to pay in full upfront, the total amount for the tenancy may be entered.
  4. Press ‘Get a quote’ and choose your preferred payment method.
  5. Enter student details and confirm who is making the payment.
  6. Complete your payment transaction.
  7. Track your payment status by email.

 Payment Logos

Bank Transfer is available on request. Please contact the Accommodation team for assistance.
Cash will not be accepted as payment of accommodation fees.

For Reservation Deposits only, payment can be made at the point of accepting the room offer via your Accommodation Account