Students studying Welsh-medium provision are supported by Academi Hywel Teifi

It is possible to study through the medium of Welsh across a wide range of subjects - we have provision in every facu;ty.

When you leave school or college, continuing to study through the medium of Welsh will give you the best education. There are opportunities for students who are confident and fluent in the language as well as opportunities for those who are less confident or are learners. There is something that will suit everyone: from degree courses which are completely through the medium of Welsh to courses where some modules are offered in Welsh, or in some departments it is possible to have Welsh language seminars and tutorials for modules which are mainly taught through the medium of English.

You have a right to present coursework and sit exams through the medium of Welsh, even if you have chosen to complete courses through the medium of English. By continuing to study your course completely or partly through the medium of Welsh, you will develop your skills in two languages - Welsh and English - which will open doors for you when you leave the university.

Read our booklet Why study through the medium of Welsh

Hi, I'm Tom your Students' Union Welsh Affairs Officer!

"The main responsibilities of my job are to ensure that Welsh language students have equal rights, and to promote Welsh language, culture and history and to ensure bilingualism in the University.

"During the coming year, I will ensure that the Welsh language, its culture and heritage are at the heart of everything the University does by holding various celebrations and events throughout the year. I will offer opportunities for students to participate in Welsh activities, including free Welsh lessons for learners.

"My aim is to ensure that all students, whether they are Welsh speakers or not, living within the United Kingdom or abroad, have a Welsh experience at the University."


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135% growth in students studying 40+ credits through the medium of Welsh since 2011
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Two students on Singleton Campus
Some of Wales' leading scholars of international standing teach through the medium of Welsh
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