Across the world, the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the way in which we live and work together. Here at Swansea University, we have drawn upon 100 years of resilience, innovation and collaboration to adapt, and to contribute to the national and international response to the disease.

Our staff, students and partners are working together to support the logistical demands faced by our healthcare infrastructure, while our world-leading researchers are modelling the social, economic and psychological impacts of the outbreak upon our lives. Universities such as ours will play a critical role in local and global recovery efforts, providing continuity and support to the communities of which we are so proud to be a part.

Vice Chancellor Paul Boyle

Throughout our history, we have been proud to harness our expertise, resources and technology to confront the greatest challenges facing our society; from climate change to global inequality. Our civic mission drives us to respond, with purpose and agility, to the public health crisis in which we find ourselves today, and to work collaboratively to shape a positive future for us all.

Professor Paul Boyle

Our response

Supporting current staff and students

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Covid-19 media experts

Here at Swansea University we have a growing list of specialists who can provide an expert opinion or commentary on aspects of the Covid-19 outbreak. If you’re from the media and are looking for an expert, please email your initial query to our press office.